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Features and Benefits

BIMsafe utilises the current industry software, Navisworks and iConstruct, to enable health and safety information to be attached to 3D blocks/cells within both Autodesk and Bentley 3D modelsBIMsafe has been designed to be very easy to use.
Navisworks is an industry standard software application and as such the designer or user of the BIMsafe application will already be familiar with the software.
iConstruct is very simple to use and full training is provided.
BIMsafe includes 3D blocks/cells that have been designed to reflect current formats of hazard, risk and temporary works. Where these are not available, a graphical representation has been developed.The designer has 3D symbols available which are instantly recognisable and familiar to most people.
The 3D symbols are provided in formats which are readily usable by virtually every CAD platform.
BIMsafe has been developed to be compliant with PAS 1192-6 Specification for collaborative sharing and use of structured Health and Safety information using BIM.The designer can be confident that the bespoke risk register is compliant with the latest industry guidance and specification.
As new software becomes available, PAS 1192-6 is released and industry standards change, the BIMsafe application will be updated to remain currentThe designer can be confident that BIMsafe will always be up to date and compliant with the latest standards
Our bespoke Design Risk Register (DRR), Temporary Works Register (TWR) and Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) have been produced within Microsoft Excel.By utilising excel for our bespoke registers the designer will find the BIMsafe application very easy to use with software he already uses.
Our bespoke Design Risk Register includes the requirements of PAS 1192-6, plus some extras, such as identifying whether a risk is related to ‘construction’, ‘end-use’ or ‘both’, who is the responsible designer and who is the eventual risk owner. The appropriate 3D Risk symbol is automatically generated from the standard risk lists for placing in the 3D model. The designer can be confident of working to the latest standard and the risk is suitably categorised in accordance with the latest guidance.
Our bespoke Temporary Works Register has been developed in accordance with the “The use of European Standards for Temporary Works design 2014” published by the Temporary Works Forum and “BS5975 Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework”. The temporary works coordinator, and others, can be confident of working to accepted industry standards for effective management of the temporary works. This will also be useful to the Principal Designer for their duties regarding temporary works design.
BIMsafe includes a bespoke Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS), in compliance with PAS 1192-6 and is a combined risk assessment and method statement with a suggested coding to the construction programme activity numbers. This can also be linked, or refer to, company generic procedures and other documents.The designer can be confident that the bespoke RAMS register is compliant with the latest industry guidance and specifications.
Our risk lists are based on those contained within PAS 1192-6, plus some additional health, safety and environment risks that may also be present.The designer can be confident of categorising risks in accordance with the accepted industry specification.
Our bespoke spreadsheets include hyperlinks to the relevant guidance within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website and the Construction Industry Publications (CIP) Knowledge (an on-line version of the Construction Health and Safety Manual and the Construction Environmental Manual). The hyperlinks are automatically populated when the risk is chosen from the list within the bespoke spreadsheet.Industry standard guidance is provided to the user without the user needing to perform internet searches for appropriate information.
As the links are automatically populated the user can be confident of referencing the correct information related to the risk, meaning that less experienced users can feel confident of accessing the relevant guidance.
BIMsafe allows each designer to create their own DRR and TWR within their native model without reference to other disciplines.When the federated model is created, the symbols are also federated and the individual DRRs and TWRs are combined. This ensures that all risks are visible to the whole project team, regardless of their individual design discipline.
Native and federated models can be uploaded to the cloud and viewed, including all symbols with the attached data, allowing them and the guidance hyperlinks to the HSE website and CIP Knowledge to be viewed on portable devices such as tablets on the site.All guidance and information about risks can be taken onto the site, allowing the user to see all risks and hazards on the site, together with suitable guidance, meaning that the user will be fully aware of the risks on the sites and safer in the site environment. The user can also access what the designers have considered and the actions the designer has taken to eliminate and reduce risks, together with any assumptions.

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