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Health and Safety

We have created a unique new application called BIMsafe, which allows you to place 3d hazard symbols into your 3d model and then add information to these symbols from a spreadsheet.

Take a look at the videos below

An overview and demonstration of BIMsafe

BIMsafe has been designed with PAS 1192-6 in mind and specifically allows you to fulfil your Health and Safety requirements in accordance with the PAS 1192-6 requirements.
If you haven’t seen PAS 1192-6 click on the link below to download your copy
PAS 1192-6

BIMsafe provides you with a bespoke Designer Risk Register, a combined Risk Assessment and Method Statement and a Temporary Works register.

Once you have completed these registers, BIMsafe’s unique package allows you to fasten this information to symbols we provide for you to place in your 3D model.

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