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Individual Training

This page is aimed at the people who want to learn new skills but cannot get enough people together within their organisation to create a full classroom of people.
Once you have registered your interest and you let us know where you are based, we will try to create a class in your area from other like-minded people.
This allows us to keep the cost to you as low as possible.
You should be aware that we will only convene a class once we have a minimum of 6 people who want the training in order to make the class cost-effective.
The dates for all classes are to be agreed, so when you complete the form below please let us know when you would like the training.

Course Product DetailsDurationCost
Introduction to Microstation V8iBentley Microstation2 days£295Course Details
Introduction to Microstation Connect EditionBentley Microstation2 days£295Course Details
Introduction to MXRoad V8i for Highway DesignersBentley MXRoad V8i4 days£595Course Details
Introduction to Openroads Designer Connect EditionBentley Openroads Designer4 days£595Course Details
Openroads Designer Earthworks ModellingBentley Openroads Designer1 day£150
Openroads Designer Alignment DesignBentley Openroads Designer1 day£ 150
Openroads Designer
Junction and Roundabout design
Bentley Openroads Designer1 day£150
Openroads Designer
Model Enhancement
Bentley Openroads Designer1 day£150
Using Openroads NavigatorBentley Openroads Navigator1 day£150Course Details
Introduction Openroads ConceptStationBentley ConceptStation1 day£150Course Details
Using Bentley Navigator V8i EditionBentley Navigator1 day£150Course Details
Introduction to ContextCaptureBentley ContextCapture1 day£150Course Details
Introduction to LumenRTBentley LumenRT1 day£150Course Details
Introduction to AECOsim Building Designer Connect EditionBentley AECOsim Building Designer2 days£295Course Details

In order to book any of the courses please complete the form below.
We will then get in touch with you to arrange payment.

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