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We can provide training for your team in MXRoads using the traditional string modelling methods or the new Openroads tools so that you can create a BIM compliant model.

We can provide training regardless of the level of experience of your team – we can work with complete beginners or with more experienced Engineers wishing to make the transition from string modelling to using the Openroads Designer tools.

We can provide a full training course so that your Engineers can use all of the tools within MXRoads and Openroads Designer or just specific items of your choosing, such as the earthworks or drainage tools.

All training can be tailored to your specific needs and can be provided at your offices or at our offices in Newcastle.

Details of a typical 4 day course in MX and Openroads can be found by clicking the link below

MX and Openroads Training Course

To discuss how we can help you and to receive a quotation for any training please contact us using the details at the top of the page

A sample of the training services we can provide include :

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment design
  • Earthworks modelling from your survey including the creation of delta terrain models and analysis of volumes
  • Creation of templates to apply to 3d elements
  • Creation of pavement layers from centreline and channel strings
  • 3d modelling of utilities from plans and trial pit logs
  • Clash avoidance and detection from 3d models
  • 4d schedule simulation from your programme
  • 5d quantities and cost estimation
  • 3d modelling of elements including lamp columns, traffic signals etc
  • Drainage design, including explanation of first principles
  • Demonstration of extraction of manhole, gully and pipe schedules

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