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Classroom Training

All of our Classroom courses are delivered from our offices in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne.
If you would like a course to be delivered from your office please take a look at our On Site Training page.
Lunch is provided for all courses together with as much tea or coffee as you like
All courses start at 9.30am and finish at approximately 4.30pm
The prices quoted are for the overall cost of the course regardless of how many people attend, so if you need to keep the costs down we recommend that you send a number of people from your organisation to attend the course
To book any of the courses please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page

Training Calendar

Course Product DetailsDurationCost
Introduction to Microstation V8iBentley Microstation2 days£179012th & 13th November 2018Course Details
Introduction to Microstation Connect EditionBentley Microstation2 days£179015th & 16th November 2018Course Details
Introduction to MXRoad V8i for Highway DesignersBentley MXRoad V8i4 days£35805th November to
8th November 2018
Course Details
Introduction to Openroads Designer Connect EditionBentley Openroads Designer4 days£358029th October to
1st November 2018
Course Details
Openroads Designer Earthworks ModellingBentley Openroads Designer1 day£8958th October 2018
Openroads Designer Alignment DesignBentley Openroads Designer1 day£8959th October 2018
Openroads Designer
Junction and Roundabout design
Bentley Openroads Designer1 day£89510th October 2018
Openroads Designer
Model Enhancement
Bentley Openroads Designer1 day£89511th October 2018
Using Openroads NavigatorBentley Openroads Navigator1 day£89526th November 2018Course Details
Introduction Openroads ConceptStationBentley ConceptStation1 day£89527th November 2018Course Details
Using Bentley Navigator V8i EditionBentley Navigator1 day£89528th November 2018Course Details
Introduction to ContextCaptureBentley ContextCapture1 day£89529th November 2018Course Details
Introduction to LumenRTBentley LumenRT1 day£89530th November 2018Course Details
Introduction to AECOsim Building Designer Connect EditionBentley AECOsim Building Designer2 days£179010th & 11th December 2018Course Details

Course Booking

In order to book any of the courses please complete the form below.
We will then get in touch with you to arrange payment.

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