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Here you will find details of webinars we intend to host, together with selected webinars run by Bentley.
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Date and timeEvent nameProduct DetailsDurationWebinar hostRegistration Link
3rd July 2018
10.00 am
An overview of Openroads ConceptStation
See how you can kick-start your projects by rapidly creating conceptual designs and improving the decision-making process. See how you can explore conceptual design options with real-world data and cost analysis to improve project results.
One hourCassidy ForsytheSee form below
3rd July 2018
An overview of Openroads Designer Connect Edition
Take a look at the new features of the Openroads Designer, including the alignment creation, earthworks modelling and visualisation
One hourCassidy ForsytheSee form below
4th July 2018
10.00 am
Migrating from MXRoad V8i to Openroads Designer Connect Edition
This webinar will explain the benefits of moving to Openroads Designer and why you need to move away from string modelling
One hourCassidy ForsytheSee form below
To be announcedAn overview of LumenRT
See how you can animate infrastructure models with elements in motion such as simulated traffic using vehicles of all types, moving people, wind-swept plants, breeze-animated and seasonal trees, rolling clouds, rippling water and much more
One hourCassidy ForsytheSee form below
4th July 2018
2.00 pm
Enhancing your model with external cells
See how you can bring external models from sources such as 3D warehouse to enhance your model. The webinar will show you to add cells such as traffic signals and lighting columns and how to add data to these cells once you have placed them into your model
One HourCassidy ForsytheSee form below
5th July 2018
10.00 pm
An overview of Bentley Navigator
See how you can view your models in a read-only format and take your model onto site so that you can view it on a tablet
One hourCassidy ForsytheSee form below


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