Are you working for a Local Authority about to start work on a large project ?
Or are you working for Consulting Engineers about to start work on behalf of a Local Authority ?
If so, this is aimed at you.

I am not going to tell you what to do here, but instead I am going to ask some questions to make you consider your approach.
What do you think a Contractor wants to be able to build your job ?
Have you thought about finding out what he wants ?
Do you think he would prefer 2d drawings where he has to think in 3d or do you think he would prefer a 3d model ?

50 years ago, when there wasn’t any 3d modelling capability we produced cross sections and long sections to give to the contractor so that he could see what you wanted building. We also gave him 2d drawings of reinforcement where we would show the range of a bar and an example of one bar in the middle – these are very difficult to read and resemble a 3d jigsaw puzzle. This was the best we could do at the time, but we can do so much better now.
If you don’t have a Contractor yet because you haven’t been through your tender process I suggest you think about ECI (Early Contractor Involvement). This process need not be expensive and you will reap the benefits in lower costs later in your project.
If you can’t do the 3d modelling because you don’t have the skills then don’t just produce 2d drawings because that’s easy for you – get some training – we can help you with that.
Remember that BIM in the UK is all about being able to save up to 30% on the overall cost of your project – you can’t do that by making life difficult for your Contractor. Also, think about your CDM obligations – as a Designer you are obliged to consider how your project can be built with the minimum risk – how can you do that by providing 2d drawings and leaving everybody to visualise 3d in their head.

So – stop thinking in 3d – view in 3d
You’ll be surprised what you see that wasn’t immediately obvious.