Is your highway design team still producing 3d models using input files?
Do you realise that the models produced in this way, using MX string modelling, are not BIM compliant and could lead to you being refused funding from the Government.
The picture below shows a model produced in the traditional way using input files.


As you can see, there are no pavement layers, verges or any other highway construction elements.
This picture is merely a representation of strings (3d lines) held in an external database (model.fil)
For the past 30 years this method of modelling was acceptable because we couldn’t do anything else and 4d and 5d modelling wasn’t even a dream.

In order to carry out a 4d schedule simulation you need a solid element to represent each of the pavement layers and everything else within your model.
The picture below shows a model of the same stretch of road created using the Openroads tools within Bentley MX Road or Openroads Designer.
As you can see, this model contains solid elements representing the pavement layers and lends itself to 4d modelling, where the pavement layers are linked to your programme.
This model also allows 5d modelling to be carried out, which is the direct extraction of quantities and costs from the model.

The problem is that the Senior Engineers who learned the old method of working in the early eighties have not moved on to the new way and refuse to do so.
To make matters worse, they are teaching the new Engineers how to model in the old way, meaning that they are perpetuating the skills crisis.

However, there is a solution – your Engineers need to be re-trained to use the latest version of the software they are already using.
WE can provide that training – we have already provided training to Balfour Beatty, Aecom, TSP and other private groups.
The picture below shows the training session hosted at our offices in Newcastle last week.
One participant flew up to Newcastle from Southampton and the others came from the Midlands area.20170915_095435
We can provide training in your offices or you can come to our offices – it’s your choice.

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