Structural design

All buildings and structures, regardless of the size, location or footing, must be sound and fit for purpose. To ensure this is the case the structural design should consider the general engineering principles as well as all applicable codes. Cassidy Forsythe can help with this. Our team includes architects, engineers and technicians with expert knowledge and experience. As a result, we can guide you every step of the way and ensure your design is perfect.

There are several general principles to consider when designing structures. We will look at some of the most important ones below.

Extreme weather

All structures need to be able to withstand extreme weather. This could be high winds, heavy snow, or flooding. To ensure your structure will be stable, it is important to consult EN 1991-1-4:2005, which provides more details of wind loading as well as roof loads. The structure should also have appropriate storm drainage to reduce the risk of flooding.

Seismic activity

While powerful earthquakes are very rare in the UK, it is still important to design buildings with seismic activity in mind. This includes ground settlement. In other parts of the world where earthquakes are more common, including Japan, building designs need active measures to stabilise the structure if there is an earthquake. The Eurocode DD ENV 1998 provides useful guidance.


It is absolutely crucial that every structure has appropriate fire protection. It must be able to achieve the specified time and temperature profile to allow safe evacuation. To ensure this, the materials as well as the design of the structure must comply with BS 476.

Other principles

There are lots of other principles to consider in regard to structural design. They include:

  • Corrosion effects of the local atmosphere
  • Ventilation
  • Emergency ingress and egress
  • Thermal expansion

All designs must comply with the relevant standards and codes in each of these areas. It is vital to consider every aspect of a design so there are no unseen risks.

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