Highway design

Any highway design must be effective and very high quality. This is based on a number of factors such as great knowledge of materials and their properties. In addition, people must have a good understanding of design loadings.

It is also crucial to use the right engineering principles. This is along with using the best resources to create models. Moreover, the designer will have to think about how the design will interact with the environment and the existing ground. They must also find out if the existing infrastructure is suitable.

Feasibility and concept design

When highway engineers are preparing designs for major developments, they need to take care. For instance, they must think about access for different modes of travel and ensure it is cost effective. They also need to look at designs for off and on-site civil engineering works. This is as well as parking and other services. One of the more vital steps is a feasibility study. This is to address access for the site and any constraints.

Preliminary design

Here people must decide on where the highway will be and where the work will take place on the route. The design should include environment, topographical, and geographical surveys.

Final design

With this stage, there are many aims to keep in mind. This includes producing further detailed geological, topographical, and geotechnical surveys. Those people creating designs must also devise the earthworks, structures, pavement, and drainage. In addition people must pay close attention to health and safety.

The main thing to understand is that designing highways is vital when you need to create road networks. With the right care, these can be effective and help people get to where they need to be.

How Cassidy Forsythe can assist you with highway design

We offer a number of services such as expert support with a variety of design projects. In fact, our expertise extends beyond help drawing up designs. We can assist with feasibility studies, contracts, construction supervision and more. We can support you with the design of major bypasses as well as small improvement schemes. This includes footway schemes, junction re-alignments and roundabout designs for new developments.

So, regardless of the size of your project, speak to us today to talk about highway design. We use the highest quality software and have a wealth of experience in this area. We would love to help make your project a bigger success. You can also read our new eBook to learn more and look at some case studies.

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