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3d Bridge Modelling

Cassidy Forsythe were asked to model the proposed bridges on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road in order to determine whether there was sufficient clearance between the proposed road design and the bridge.
As the road and the bridge were modelled independently, checks were not carried out by the respective designers to see if the bridge could accommodate the road surfacing.
Once we had modelled the bridge and the road it became apparent that there wasn’t enough level difference between the proposed road levels and the proposed beams to accommodate the road surfacing and the deck, as shown below

3d bridge modelling for Balfour Beatty showing the need to revise the road vertical alignment

This problem was subsequently sent back to the road designers who had to raise the vertical alignment of the road to allow for the road pavement layers and the deck construction.
This check was carried out before Balfour Beatty started laying the new road construction, saving significant costs in delays and wasted materials.

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