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  • 06 Sep,2020

    Professional drainage design software

    Are you using professional drainage design software ? If you are still using spreadsheets to size your pipework you really need to up your game. We use Causeway Flow for…

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  • 16 Apr,2020

    Causeway Flow software – an important tool for drainage design

    Drainage is a crucial part of any development and it is vital to design it with care. However, something that people cannot deny is that it is becoming more complex….

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  • 09 Apr,2020

    Understanding standards for highway design

    Any highway design must be effective and very high quality. This is based on a number of factors such as great knowledge of materials and their properties. In addition, people…

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  • 02 Apr,2020

    New partnership with iwocaPay

    We have just agreed a new partnership with iwocaPay. iwocaPay allows any buyer to spread the cost of purchases over 90 days.  If you repay within the first 30 days,…

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  • 18 Mar,2020

    What you need to know about 3D modelling

    When you use traditional methods, architectural work like developing building design concepts and construction can take a great deal of time. However, we live in a day and age where…

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  • 11 Mar,2020

    Drainage Design at Kirkley Hall

    We have just finished the drainage design for Northumberland College’s new centre for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). ENGIE are now starting construction work at the college’s…

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  • 02 Mar,2020

    General principles for structural design

    All buildings and structures, regardless of the size, location or footing, must be sound and fit for purpose. To ensure this is the case the structural design should consider the…

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  • 01 Jul,2019

    Bentley Openroads Designer tips

    A few tips for Bentley Openroads Designer

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