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  • 19 Feb,2017

    Out of date highway design software

    Are you still using a computer like this for your highway design ? No – of course not – it’s antiquated and not up to the job. So why do…

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  • 19 Feb,2017

    Reinforcement and Level control

    Our Services On the Norwich Northern Distributor Road we were asked to create a 3d model of Rackheath bridge in order to determine if the Client’s design was fit to…

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  • 18 Dec,2016

    Do you employ contractors or agency workers

    Do you employ contractors or agency people ? If you do I am going to give you a free “heads up” for Christmas. You may have people working for you…

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  • 27 Aug,2016

    Providing training for Balfour Beatty

    For the past few days we have been providing Bentley Software Training at Canary Wharf for Balfour Beatty. This was a small group of  8 Engineers keen to improve their capabilities….

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  • 11 Jul,2016

    Botley Road, Oxford

    The A420 Botley Road in Oxford in one of the main roads through Oxford and passes underneath a railway bridge near the railway station. The road is on a downhill…

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