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Drainage Design

Do you need a drainage system designing?
If so we can offer you a full design service.
We can provide a preliminary drainage strategy for the proposed developments
We can calculate the existing storm water run-off from previously developed sites and give you a preliminary assessment of storm water storage requirements.
We can also provide you with a detailed drainage layout including ponds and flow restriction devices.
We can carry out the hydraulic analysis and modelling of the drainage systems.
Finally, we can prepare detailed drainage schedules, plans and sections for the purposes of construction.

We use the Causeway Flow software package to design drainage systems.
This allows us to

  • Design storm water networks using the Modified Rational Method and design foul networks in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 752:2008 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings
  • Simulate the design using cutting edge 1d dynamic wave routingĀ 
  • Model inline controls, overflows, online and offline storage and additional losses
  • Test the network against return periods of up to 1000 years
  • Analyse one or more storm durations in a single run with results collated & critical durations identified

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