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Highway Design

The services we can offer range from the provision of preliminary design advice, through to the detailed design process and preparation of construction drawings.

We can also prepare your construction documents, carry out the tender processes (including tender appraisal), project management, site supervision and the preparation of as built drawings.

The design process is always carried out in close consultation with the Local Highway Authority to ensure that the designs are compliant with current design standards, to the satisfaction of the appropriate body.

We always provide a Vehicle Swept Path Analysis of our designs to ensure that the vehicles intending to use the site will be able to comfortably access the new development.

A junction in North Tyneside

A summary of services we can provide :

  • Preliminary 2d alignment design for initial approval
  • Drainage Design, including attenuation systems, sustainable drainage systems and foul water drainage systems
  • Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure
  • Earthworks design, including creating models for cut/fill balances
  • Sign design, including plate design and foundation design
  • Pavement design from your traffic figures
  • Swept path analysis
  • Contract preparation including contract documents and tender drawings
  • Tender evaluation and construction management

Contract documents and site supervision

If required, we can prepare your contract documents and tender the works on your behalf, in accordance with you procedures and in co-ordination with your legal teams. This would include preparing the Contract in accordance with the ‘NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract’ suite of documents together with the preparation of Specifications in accordance with the ‘Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works’ (MCDHW) or to your Specifications.

We can provide project management and supervision services for your scheme, which would include managing the Contractor on site and co-ordinating with the Client to ensure that the implementation of the highway works is completed as smoothly as possible, to the Contract deadlines and within budget.

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